HOLBEIN Artist Grade Clear Watercolor Paints 60ML Large Tube. Use for Art Supplies Like Watercolors, illustrations And More

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Students or artists who like watercolor painting, light color, outdoor sketching or color matching,

Be applicable

It can be used with other media, or watercolor medium, etc., to add color layers to the picture.

●There are a variety of options and grades, stable pigment quality.

●Good transparency performance, density and light fastness, color saturation, not easy to fade.

The pigment has been ground for many times, and the texture is fine, and the concentration of the pigment is easy to control.

'Add water to dilute the color or match with the corresponding watercolor medium, which can present a clear layered color tone.

●Suitable for watercolor, Chinese ink painting, meticulous flower and bird coloring, illustration or water-based colored pencil...etc.