Holbein Artist Opaque Watercolor Paint 15ml Grade B Professional Gouacher Pigments Art Supplies Paints for Artists

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Holbein Artists' Gouache Paints 15ml Level B
Professional Gouacher Pigments
Art Supplies for Artists

Applicable: artists who like the rich and colorful pigment characteristics, the opacity of the stacking technique, or the style of traditional Japanese painting (Orient painting) collect and paint using

1. The pigment belongs to the opaque watercolor pigment (water powder) , which can paint the fine variety.

2. Color stability, strong coverage

3. Bright colors, good light resistance, high saturation, suitable for base or color painting, wood printing.

4. Watercolor pigments and transparent watercolor pigments can be used together to show different levels of space.

5. Pigment is rich in mineral pigments, use animal glue mixture easy to keep the screen stable, not easy to Peel and crack, suitable for long-term preservation