Japanese Pentel Gold/Silver Ink Brush Metallic High Gloss Invitation Greeting Card Inscription Practice Calligraphy Soft Brush

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Product name: gold/silver ink brush
Color: gold/silver
Brand: Japanese Pentel
Material: fiber + plastic
Size: 143*14mm
Ink: press to eject ink
Writing: lower case
Packing: Blister card
Structure: pull cap type
Features: The bristles are wear-resistant, soft and hard, not easy to split, more durable, light pen holder, comfortable to hold, easy to use and write at any time.
1. Gently shake the pen body to open the pen tip;
2. Press the end of the pen body, the ink penetrates into the nib;
3. The pen starts to write when there is ink on the nib;
4. Then place the pen body flat after use.


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