LISM White Tulle Curtains for Living Room Bedroom Decoration Modern Chiffon Solid Sheer Voile Kitchen Curtain Fabric Drapes

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1. Price in the site is for 1 piece of Curtain . Not 1 set or 2 panels .The price do not include the hooks,beads,tieback.
2. Size: Accept Custom ( if you do not find the size that you want, please feel free to contact us.)
3. Please allow slight deviation ( 1-3cm ) due to manual measurement.
4."Fabric" means Material without sewing.
5. All items are for real shooting.Colors may vary slightly due to different monitors and brightness.
Tips: For proper fullness, panels should measure 1.5-2 times the width of your window.
1.Curtains width=2xA or 1.5xA (2 times or 1.5 times of the pole or the track width). 
2.Curtains length=B/C (up to height from pole/track to the bottom of B/C ). e.g. A =200cm, C=250cm,Curtains size should be 2x200x250cm or 2x150x250cm.