NG/LPG BBQ Grill 6 Infrared Burners Smokeless Stainless Steel Roast Stove With Covers Outdoor Grill for BBQ Cookware

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Name: BBQ Grill

Color: Silver

Burner Quantity: 6 Burners

Material: Stainless Steel

Cover Type: Stainless Steel or Glass Cover

Attributes: Smokeless Grill

Gas Type: LPG /NG

Feature: Adjusting Lift Height

Grill Net Size: 78*25CM

Product Size: 84*40*19CM

Application: Outdoor Camping Party Courtyard


1. LPG Gas Grill is environmentally friendly, smokeless and more safer.

2. Stainless Steel barbecue net, high temperature resistance, no deformation, resist oil salt corrosion.

3. Thick food tray is on the bottom of the machine and can be used to receive dripping oil.

4. Long and rotable gas interface, safe and airtight, easy to use.

5. Reinforced thickened burner design, extended infrared burner with fast heat transfer and large heating area.

6. Lifting knob design, you can adjust the height of the grill net at any time.

7. Glass baffle, glass cover is resistant to high temperature, transparently covered directly on the burner, no oil drops enter the clean and hygienic, protect the burner.