Non-marking and nail-free adhesive double-sided adhesive is used to fix ornaments and paste photo frames posters, photo balloons

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●Product Name: Traceless Clay
●Specifications: 50g (90pcs)/75g (120pcs)
●Color: green, white
Material: clay
●Size: 103×178mm(50g)/103×242mm(75g)
●Function: Paste posters, balloons, photo frames, fix vases and mobile phone decorations, clean dusty clothes and hair, etc.
●Features: strong adhesion, reusable, no trace fixation, no residual glue, soft and easy to pinch, non-sticky, wide range of uses.

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①When you need to remove it, you need to slowly and forcefully remove the photo frame, and then forcefully rub off the non-marking glue. Be careful not to pull directly. This method will not damage the wall. Especially latex painted walls.
②It is not suitable for poor-quality paint, easily peeling wall skin, or plastered walls with more powder and poor quality.
③Can not be used to paste things with glass, do not place fragile items underneath, and do not paste frameless pictures on the bedside of babies or children.
④Be careful not to use it as a child's toy and not to place it in a place where children can reach it, and avoid swallowing.
⑤When removing from the surface of the wall or wallpaper, be sure to pull it out carefully to avoid damage to the paint or wallpaper. The glue remaining on the wall can be pasted again and again with a large glue ball to remove the remaining part.
⑥Recommendation to ensure firmness: stick 12 glue balls for photo frames larger than 10 inches, stick 6 glue balls for photo frames smaller than 10 inches.