Outdoor Patio Heater Reflector Shield Energy Saving Propane Patio Heater Windshield Propane Patio Heaters For Outdoor

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1. Outdoor Patio Heater Reflector Shield is made of aluminum, it is fast heating and flame retardant.
2. It consists of 4 outer panels and 1 centerpiece, which is more stable and stronger.
3. It is easy to operate, and suitable for most heaters.

Size: 32*12*5cm/12.60*4.72*1.97 inches
Material: Aluminum

Packing List:
Heater Reflector Shield*1

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1.Reliable Material: The large dome of the Outdoor Patio Heater Reflector Shield helps save more propane in cold winters, and it also protects the heater from warping in harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snowstorms. It is made of aluminum, which is fast heating and flame retardant.

2.Practical Design: The Patio Heater Reflector Shield is easy to handle and fits most heaters. Composed of 4 outer plates and 1 center piece, it is more stable and strong.

3.Suitable for Most Heaters: Patio Heater Top Reflector Shield Replacement heat shield is 33" in diameter and universally fits most tall Umberalla heaters and mushroom patio heaters. You can assemble them together easily. In some cases, additional holes may need to be drilled to match

4.Convenient to Install: You can easily install Propane Outdoor Heaters Replacement Part. First, you can peel off the blue protective film, then use screws and nuts to attach the side panels, the middle panel, and finally to the main burner panel.

5.Long-Term Use: Without a Patio Heater Replacement Dome Par, your patio heater will not be able to distribute radiant heat efficiently. Over time, the heat shield on top of your patio heater can wear, bend, break, or get lost. A replacement heat shield will provide lasting protection for your heater.