PK GAME Professional Gaming Mouse Pad Premium Mousepad Speed and Control Desk Pad 40x45cm Mouse Mat High-Grade Desk Mat White

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Please notice:

1. This mouse pad is different from ordinary mouse pads, it uses more advanced fabrics to make the mouse have a stronger speed and control experience.

2. It is printed by thermal transfer printing technology, which can keep the picture lasting and not fade. The surface of the fabric is dense and everyday stains cannot penetrate. The mouse pad can be washed.

3. The fine hemming process can prevent the mouse pad from warping and flanging after long-term use.

4. The natural rubber base and unique anti-slip texture ensure that the mouse pad firmly grips the desktop, providing a better gaming experience.

5. The raw material is natural rubber, which is safe and pollution-free.

6. Color problem: A slight difference in processing technology will cause a slight difference in the color of the mouse pad. The different color rendering principles of electronic screens and printing presses will also give the naked eye a sense of color difference. We do our best. beg to be excused.

7. Odor problem: Due to the use of natural rubber thermal transfer printing technology, the new mouse pad will have a little smell. Please put it in a cool and ventilated place for a day or two, the smell will dissipate.

8. Dimensions: Due to thermal expansion and contraction of rubber, there may be slight differences in thickness and length, which is inevitable. beg to be excused.

9. When there is a quality or delivery problem with the product, please contact us as soon as possible. We will provide the best solution to solve the problem.

1、Use more advanced chaotic fabrics to provide a better gaming experience.

2、Using a finer seaming process, it can better protect the mouse pad from edge lifting and warping after long-term use.

3. The back adopts scientific texture design, so that the mouse pad can stick to the desktop.

4. For physical display, due to the light, the color of the actual product may be slightly different, please understand.