Solar Oven BBQ Grill Portable Stove Cookware, Camping Cookware, Survival Gear for Outdoor Camping and Traveling Picnics

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Solar grill, solar grill, solar camping grill, camping cooking utensils and survival equipment | outdoor solar grilling oven and solar camping grill | camping stove and sun stove/suitable for backpacking and hiking

Five key points:

[Advanced technology]: Heating in a vacuum tube, no heat loss, 15-20 minutes to cook food. Solar grill technology is very mature.

[Comprehensive functions]: We can do everything that the charcoal grill can't bake. For example, you can cook rice, bread, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs, stew and so on. Charcoal grilling can be grilled, and we are no problem, such as: meat skewers, chicken wings, barbecue, vegetables, grilled fish, etc.

[Bigger capacity]: 360-degree heating in the vacuum tube, which can be used for three-dimensional grilling. The unfolded capacity is 3.3 pounds and can hold 1.5L of real objects, which is equivalent to a 70cm long charcoal grill, which can be used by 2 to 3 people.

[Faster speed]: Traditional charcoal grilling takes at least 30 minutes to cook food from charcoal induction, while the solar grill can bake it in about 15 minutes.

[Health and Environmental Protection]: Zero fuel input, sunlight is a clean energy, environmentally friendly and healthy, and does not pollute the environment. Pure energy, relying solely on sunlight

[Ultra-light and portable]: Equipped with a portable aluminum alloy suitcase, carrying a weight of only 4.7KG, which is convenient to carry, without the need to carry a lot of barbecue tools, and travel lightly.

Big description:

Material: metal+304 stainless steel

Suitcase size: 68*30*13cm/26.77*11.81*5.12inch

Baking tube size: outer diameter 70MM. inner diameter 53MM

Baking tube capacity: 3.3 pounds (equivalent to 1.5KG food)

Reflector size: 50*35cm

Vacuum tube drying temperature: 120-300℃/248~626℉

Applicable scenarios: Indoor balconies, courtyards, parks, outdoor areas, and scenic spots where open flames are prohibited can be used. Whether you are staying at home, or traveling outdoors, camping, eating together, fishing, solar-powered grills can do the job.

Time for making food (for reference only when there is sufficient sunshine):

Steak 20-30min

Popcorn 5-10min

Chestnut 15-25min

Seafood/egg 10-20min

Sunflower seeds/sausage/kebab 10-15min

Connecting flesh and blood 15-20min

Chestnut 15-25min

Steak/Bacon 20-30min

Rice/chicken wings/ sweet potato 25-40min

Egg 10-20min

Bread 20-35min

Packing list:

1*304 stainless steel food trough

1*Aluminum portable home carrying case

1*flexible reflector (there is a blue protective film on the reflector, need to be torn off before use)

2*Reflector fixing screws

4*reflector stainless steel support frame