Squirrel Hair Cat Tongue Shape Pen Watercolor Brush Professional Painting Hook Line Pen Gouache Brush Art Supplies

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Product Name: Cat tongue shape squirrel hair watercolor brush
Specifications: Six kinds of optional No. 10, No. 14, No. 18, No. 22, No. 26, No. 30
Size: see product picture
1. Squirrel hair is soft, flexible and easy to clean;
2. The copper pipe is reinforced, durable, waterproof and not rusty;
3. The brush hair has water storage, strong water absorption and no hair loss;
4. Environmental protection wooden pole, black and silver matching, scientific grip, comfortable to hold.

Due to human measurement, please allow a slight deviation in size.
Due to the influence of light and display brightness, there may be slight differences
Between the tone of the photo and the actual project.

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