Fish Tape Wire Magnetic Cable, Wiremag Puller Set, Repair Wire Fishing(Fishing Tools) for Garden & Park,Gift for Father's Day

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1.Desirable Cable Running Tool: It gives electricians complete control and flexibility to navigate cables behind wooden stud walls, paneled walls, plasterboard walls, even steel-framed walls, and under floorboards and carpet. The swivel leader eyelet lets you connect accessories like a pulling grip. It can connect to most wires and mesh wire pulling grip. And the non-marring leader navigates around obstructions up to 20 feet.
2.Dual-Shape Magnets: The cable fishing tools can pass through the holes of different sizes. This innovative leader-pull design navigates the cable through the enclosed spaces smoothly, through insulation and other obstructions, then allows you to pull the cable under the floor to your access point.
3.Large Magnets Jump Over Obstacles: You?re making sure the cables have a clear way to run through while unknowing exactly where it is. The strength of the magnets arewhat makes this tool what it is, Large magnets can quickly jump over water pipe obstacles. You can quite easily run it underneath floorboards with accuracy.
4.Save Your Time: Eliminate damage to walls and numerous trips in and out of attics while on the job. You can?t be intrusive into the walls too much, where you need to get cables down the back of a cavity wall, or in an open space wall where you can?t cut into the fabric of the building. Snap Wire Guider allows you to work smarter, not harder.
5.Unique Gifts for Men: Powerful wiremag puller tool is perfect for unclear way. It will be a perfect gifts for elders, DIY handyman, father/dad, husband, boyfriend. A great tech gift choice on birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Christmas stocking stuffers, Thanksgiving Day etc.

1 x Wiremag Puller Set