Aookdress summer wear new sexy tight knitted bottom bra elastic anti gloss vest breast Wrap Top

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  undefinedAnti-walking light knitting bottom elastic wipe chest
Item number:W17VZ0961

Fabric:See Hangtag for details

True or false pocket:undefined
With or without lining:undefined

Precautions for washing:Wool, coats, cotton clothing, please send professional dry cleaner cleaning; fur, leather to professional leather care shop care, hand washing and machine washing is prohibited.

Due to the special use of color in brand design, in case of color contrast styles (such as black and white, red and white, blue and white, etc.), in order to avoid cross color, please wash the dark and light color parts separately, store them separately, and keep them dry to avoid moisture. It is recommended to wash all clothes by hand in our store. No soaking is allowed. Long time soaking and high temperature may cause color fading. Please pay attention to it.
Knitting washing instructions are sent out with the package, or you can consult customer service, please clean in the correct way !

Softness index:Soft
Elasticity Index:undefined
Thickness index:moderate


undefined undefined undefined undefined Shoulder width undefined Sleeve length Bicep undefined
S - - - - 46 - - -
M - - - - 46 - - -
L - - - - 46 - - -