Winter Thicken Goose Down Double Duvets Blanket Velvet Comforter Couple Bed Quilt Comforters Core for Double Bed Bedding Sets

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Outer fabric: cotton
Filler: goose down
Color: White/Pink/Blue/Yellow/Grey (due to lighting and shooting angle issues, please understand the color difference)
Size and weight of summer quilts
150x200 cm (59x79 inches), 1.5 kg
150x200 cm (59x79 inches), 2.0 kg
180x220 cm (71x87 inches), 2.0 kg
200x230 cm (79x91 inches), 2.0 kg
220x240 cm (86x94 inches), 2.0 kg
Size and weight of spring and autumn quilts
150x200 cm (59x79 inches), 2.0 kg
180x220 cm (71x87 inches), 3.0 kg
200x230 cm (79x91 inches), 3.0 kg
220x240 cm (86x94 inches), 3.0 kg
Size and weight of winter quilts
150x200 cm (59x79 inches), 3.0 kg
180x220 cm (71x87 inches), 4.0 kg
200x230 cm (79x91 inches), 4.0 kg
220x240 cm (86x94 inches), 4.0 kg
1. The weight on the shipping company label is incorrect, it is only the declared price and weight.
2. Buyers do not need to pay taxes (in rare cases, buyers still need to pay customs duties)
Due to errors in batch production and measurement tools, an error of 0-0.5 kilograms is allowed in the actual weight.
4. As the size is measured manually and the quilt has elasticity, please understand that there may be an error of 0-5cm in the size.
1. It is recommended to add a quilt cover when using. Local dirt can be cleaned locally;
2. Air dry once a month without exposure to sunlight to avoid reducing the service life of the quilt core;
3. Before storage, please air dry and place in a dry and ventilated place to avoid heavy pressure.